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Texas A&M Wins Inaugural ARC XVs Championship

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Texas A&M Wins Inaugural ARC XVs Championship

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Texas A&M dropped 35 unanswered second half points on a battered Texas team to win the Inaugural Allied Rugby Conference XVs Championship by a score of 45-5 in College Station. Texas had a strong first half, but could not match the stepped-up intensity that Texas A&M brought after halftime.  With this win, Texas A&M swept the ARC by winning championships in both 7s and XVs.

Watch a replay of the ARC Championship here.

The first half proved a back and forth affair. The Aggies drew first blood with a back line move out of their own in-goal that ended with wing Brian Guillen race 80 meters down field for the first of his brace of tries on the day. Texas #8 and Captain, Danny Cotton, ended his brilliant first half by running the ball into a wall of Aggies. With Cotton's bell most certainly rung, Texas substituted Rafeal Segovia who soon found his path across the whitewash to dot Texas' one and only try. Texas A&M answered back with just a few minutes left in the half as lock John Deao scooped the ball from the base of a ruck and stepped to the weakside to race 20 meters in for his contribution to the Aggie first half. Neither team could split the uprights in the first half, thus the score was 10-5 in A&M's favor at halftime.

In the second half, Texas A&M increased the tempo of play and spun the ball wide. Five tries were converted and unanswered as scrumhalf Matt Theodore, flyhalf Conor Mills, outside center Lukas Jacobson, Guillen and left wing Grayson Dowlearn all found in-goal. 

In the first game of the day, "the game that never was" finally found purchase as Texas Tech soundly defeated a beleaguered Oklahoma squad, 82-7. Oklahoma fielded a team minus seven starters due to injury and sickness, while Tech only sat one starter. The Red Raiders displayed clinical backline attacks and a superb "bend, don't break" defense to win the day so decisively.


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  • Correction on the Tech-OU score: 83-12 per Referee Andrew Brook's report.

  • Barry

    There is some chatter out there that Texas will not be participating in the Allied Rugby Conference next season. Anyone know why? The Allied conference seemed like a perfect fit for them -- a conference where they play their traditional rivals.

  • In reply to: Barry

    Barry, Texas will not be in the ARC next season. They have confirmed this today. They have administrative and logistical infrastructure issues to shore up in order to advance as a college rugby team. No doubt, they will succeed in that. UT Rugby has indicated that they still intend to play their traditional rivals, just not in conference competition.

    The 'Horns still have one year left on their three-year commitment to D1AA's Southwest Rugby Conference. Given how well they played in D1A this year, I expect that they will rule the roost in the SWC next season.

  • Chad W.

    I'm confused about something. Why is there not a representative from the Allied Conference participating in the DIA playoffs? All of the other conferences in this league are sending either their top or top two teams.

  • Grant

    In reply to: Chad W.

    Per the ARC's agreement with D1A Rugby, the ARC champion (Texas A&M) would have the option of participating in a "play-in" match (think wildcard match, but with a much better W-L record) hosted by the #2 team of the MidSouth Conference. The Big Ten Conf had a similar arrangement.

    Cost of travel prevented Texas A&M from realizing this option, thus they chose to opt out of the opportunity. I've received some rather naive and inane messages about A&M not wanting to get beat by a #2 team. Such suggestions are the height of ignorance and stupidity. Texas A&M has shown year-in-and-year-out for a decade and a half that they are dedicated to playing teams that are consistently ranked higher than they are. They have done this knowing that they might lose and lose big. They have done this with the intention of challenging themselves to discover what is required to become a better team. As long as they can cover the cost, they'll play these games again. And if they could've covered the cost this time, they would be in Marietta, GA at the scheduled play-in.

    There's a 70-year-old saying about Aggies from the WW2 propaganda movie "We've Never Been Licked". It applies to the Texas A&M Rugby Teams - "I've seen 'em win, I've seen 'em lose, but I've never seen 'em quit!"