Playoff Bracket: Win or Go Home


Playoff Bracket: Win or Go Home

BOULDER, Colo. - From here on out in D1A, it's very simple: win or go home. The play-in round of the D1A postseason starts on Saturday April 20 and it will be knockout rugby all the way to the National Championship on May 18.

National Championship

Teams will be staying at the Sheraton Greensboro at Four Seasons, located at 3121 High Point Road, Greensboro, NC 27407.

We also have a special rate of $99 for USA Rugby Fans. Call 336.292.9161 and ask for the USA Rugby Fans rate. The website is www.sheratongreensboro.com.

Ticket Information

  • Groups (10 or more): $8
  • Adults: $10
  • Children 10, Military ID and under & College Students: $5
  • To purchase tickets, call (336) 334-3250

Hotel Information

HotelRateDistance to UNCGBreakfast Include
Baymont Inn. & Suites
2001 Veasley St.
$69.99 3.25 miles Yes
Best Western Windsor Suites
2006 Veasley St.
$89 3.25 miles Yes
Biltmore Greensboro Hotel
111 W. Washington St.
7-9 rooms booked
$109K $119 D
10+ rooms
$105K $125D
2 miles Yes
Days Inn Airport
501 South Regional Rd.
$49.99 9 miles Yes
Embassy Suites
204 Centreport Dr.
$129 10.5 miles Yes
Fairfield Inn Airport
7615 Thorndike Rd.
$104 10.5 miles Yes
Greensboro Marriott Downtown
304 N. Greene St.
$105 2.25 miles No
Holiday Inn Express East
3111 Cedar Park Rd.
$79 5.5 miles Yes
Holiday Inn Express Airport
645 S. Regional Rd.
$99 10.5 miles Yes
Holiday Inn Express
4305 Big Tree Way
$109 6 miles Yes
Wingate by Wyndham
6007 Landmark Center Blvd.
$89 6.25 miles Yes

Playoff Bracket

Kickoff Times

MatchKO TimeStream
St. Mary's v Life 7p.m. ET TBD
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  • rugger9

    Realize that Cal came back from being down with StM by 21-6 at the half, and routinely play the freshman and sophs for these games. Oh, and it was Cal 112 Cal Poly 7.

    Much as I'd like to see the competition level improve, I'd say until any of your teams (without funny-accent imports from overseas, btw) can own a win much less a winning streak against British Columbia (Cal's is at 4) you really don't have a champion.

    I'll also note that many of your teams like Life, etc. don't schedule the Bears either. I know Jack would play them.

  • Ok

    In reply to: rugger9

    Send them down to Marietta, Ga or Jonesboro. I'm sure they both would gladly accept the competition.

  • rugger9

    In reply to: Ok

    By all means, feel free to give Jack a call. He'll take them on there.

    Neither team has ever beaten the Bears. Ever. Even with the imports.

  • Jeff King

    In reply to: rugger9

    Never? Really? Except for this time:

  • Jeff King

    In reply to: Jeff King

    No, really, I don't need to call Jack...I think A-State has been-there-done-that.

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  • Jarrod Beckstrom

    In reply to: rugger9

    Cal has nine players from outside the USA on their roster by my count: http://www.calbears.com/sports/m-rugby/mtt/cal-m-rugby-mtt.html

    BYU has eight:

    Life has two:

    Keep in mind there might be players whose listed hometowns might have nothing to do with their nationality. I list Jakarta, Indonesia as my hometown but am an American citizen.

  • Omar Tinko

    In reply to: Jarrod Beckstrom

    Thank you! Idk where the rumor about Life having imports came from, we have two players from overseas and one of them grew up in the U.S... Only Taku Tela is straight from overseas.


    In reply to: Omar Tinko

    I for one see it from two sides. A team and coach who has players from overseas can only help increase the performance of players around them. It elevates the competition for other teams to perform at. If your college team sucks, I can guarantee that 90% of the problem is your coach. The probability that he has only played rugby for 2,3 or even 4 years at the most and played here in the U.S ,where rugby is still in it's intermediary stages of growth, and then thinks he qualifies to "COACH." Do you see College football coaches playing only four years of highschool football to then become a College football coach? NO! You need coaches like Jack Clark (despite I'm not a Cal rugby fan) who is impressive!!! Played Rugby and Football at Cal, got exposure internationally and even had a chance to play for Wales! That is a Coach! You may argue but you know its the truth. We have in the past decade or so just touched upon really implementing programs for children and youth... This is what we need! So stop all your bickering about who brought who and which program is better the reality of it is unless you can see through the eyes of "SMART, EXPERIENCED COACHING" none of our US Collegiate Rugby programs will get better.

  • Guest

    In reply to: JARIKO EVANS

    Welsh rugby? Welsh rugby is shit. Just like Irish and Scottish rugby. You guys need to come down and play the University of Auckland. We don't even have a rugby program but I guarantee we would throw a team together and put 60 on Cal, British Columbia or any other team you want to send down. I do understand that your Cal coach is not bad at what he does though. In fact, Saint Marys just invited us to come play in their Pat Vinceint cup, maybe we'll come to you guys and put 60 on Cal, by then our Super 15 guys will be able to roll with us.

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  • Jim

    In reply to: rugger9

    I can tell you Cal did not paly the fresh and sophs against StM...