2018-19 Preseason Rankings

D1A Rugby: 2018-19 Preseason Rankings
Photo Credit: D1A Rugby

D1A Rugby has released the preseason rankings for the start of the 2018-19 season. There has been minimal movement at the top of the rankings, but there have been plenty shifts throughout the body of the rankings.

From the final rankings of the 2017-18 season, there have been a total of nine teams changing positions. However, of those nine, only two have changed in the Top 10. Those two are Army and BYU. BYU earlier in the summer saw their head coach David Smyth leave the program that he helped bring to prominence. This would be the major reason behind their slight drop from 6th to 7th. Army will have a big challenge of replacing a successful senior class, but given Army’s history of extraordinary depth, they should be able to handle the transition smoothly.

The following five spots (11-15) see a complete overhaul. While no team suffered a significant drop, (one place being the biggest fall) there has still been significant change. Notre Dame College returning for their second season at the D1A ranks has moved to the precipice of the Top 10, replacing Grand Canyon at number 11. Central Washington has swapped with Indiana to take the 13th spot in the rankings. Don’t expect this to be a consistent trend for Indiana. They acquired a new head coach and director of rugby over the summer, they’ll be climbing up the ladder in the Fall season.  

Cal Poly will be entering their second season in D1A as the 16th seed after falling one spot to a resurgent San Diego State side. The biggest change to the ranks though, is Utah Valley coming up into the Top 20. They take Colorado State’s spot in the top 20 at number 19. Utah Valley enjoyed mixed successes over their last campaign, but with David Smyth now taking over at the helm, expect them to surge up the rankings when their spring season gets underway.

Full list of rankings can be found below:

RankTeamPrevious Rank
4Saint Mary’s4
5Penn State5
9Arizona 9
10Arkansas State 10
11Notre Dame College 12
12Grand Canyon 11
13Central Washington14
14Indiana 13
15San Diego State 16
16Cal Poly 15
18Ohio State 18
19Utah Valley N/A
20UC Davis 20