All-Conference selections for the Red River announced

D1A Rugby: All-Conference selections for the Red River announced

BOULDER, Colo. – The Red River Conference’s inaugural season has come to its end after producing several memorable matches and a lot exciting rugby. The conference is a fine representation of the very best rugby teams in the southwest region, as well as a few programs who have the makings to join the upper echelon of college rugby in just a few years’ time.

Now that the six Red River teams have completed their conference matches, the head coaches from each school recently collaborated in order to compile a list of All-Conference selections.

“We are excited to recognize these student-athletes for their hard work on the field,” said TCU Head Coach and Red River Commissioner TeShay Flowers. “Looking at the list of selected athletes, we thrilled with the number of All-Conference players who will be returning next season, and help to grow this very competitive conference next season.”

Red River All-Conference Forwards:

  Jacob Browning – Texas A&M
  Alan Corburn – Texas
  Blair Cosulich – Baylor
  Alex Demblon – Texas A&M
  Ed Elvin – Texas
  Ricky Flores – TCU
  George Fritch – Oklahoma
  Tommy Gilmore – Texas
  Scott Hamilton – TCU
  Pete Hamm – Baylor
  Phil Hanson – Texas A&M
  Jake Hoffman – Texas Tech
  Braeden Hood – Texas A&M
  Nic Jarrett – Texas A&M
  Nathan Portz – Baylor
  Jake Tolbert – TCU
  Campbell Voltmann – Baylor
  Vance Young – Oklahoma

Red River All-Conference Backs:

  Michael Al-Jaboori – Oklahoma
  Cody Asbury – Baylor
  Justin Brown – Texas A&M
  Thomas Chinellato – Oklahoma
  Patrick Evenson – Texas Tech
  Pearson Garnett – Texas A&M
  Taylor Hayes – Texas
  Kyle Kulka – Texas Tech
  Khoby Moore – Baylor
  Jeff Scott – Baylor
  Manny Soto – Oklahoma
  Matt Theordore – Texas A&M
  Dillon Thiele – TCU
  Zach Trigg – TCU
  Carson Youman – Texas