All Eyes on Norman

D1A Rugby: All Eyes on Norman

NORMAN, Okla. – From start to finish, the Allied Rugby Conference (ARC) regular season has been a thrilling ride and the final week will be no different.  Texas A&M is going to play in the ARC Championship game on April 6, but who will they play?  Either OU or Texas. 

Here’s how it might go down:

If A&M beats OU this weekend, Texas will play in the ARC Championship (as long as the Longhorns beat Sam Houston State this weekend, which is likely). 

Oklahoma has to get a bonus point win over the Aggies this Saturday March 30 for the Sooners to punch their ticket to the ARC Championship on April 6. 

If OU loses, their Feb. 23 loss to the Longhorns will come back to bite them and deny them a shot at the postseason.  Texas will advance to the ARC final against A&M.


The winner of the ARC Championship will punch their ticket to the D1A play-in where they will meet the Mid-South #2 seed on April 27.