Bears Spend Spring Break on Humanitarian Mission

D1A Rugby: Bears Spend Spring Break on Humanitarian Mission
Photo Credit: Mason Hering
For many college students Spring Break is a time to unwind and relax from the grueling demands of academics. It’s a just reward earned for all the late night hours spent cramming for exams or writing lengthy papers. Some choose the beach for others it’s the snow, but for a select few it’s a mission trip to Haiti. Sr.

Jeffrey Scott and Jr. Abu Kamara traveled to Haiti, as part of a larger group of Baylor students known as Baylor Cruto provide water filters to those in need of clean drinking water via the organization Filter of Hope. While the pair of Baylor Rugby stars are probably more accustomed to tackling opposing ballcarriers, tackling the problem of clean reliable drinking water in a country like Haiti was a challenge they gladly accepted. 

Armed with gravity fed filtration systems that can filter up to 150 gallons of water a day and last up to 10 years, Jeff and Abu set out to change as many lives as possible during their “vacation.” Scott, who has returned to the pitch after spending the fall semester on the sidelines through injury, was excited to do something different. “
I have been on a beach vacation before. I have spent a spring break doing an internship too. I wanted to do something different this year. Once I found out about the trip, I was all in.”

The pair was also focused on sharing their faith with the families and communities they visited. Being part of the Cru team, who has several instances across numerous campuses nationwide, gave them the perfect opportunity to connect on a spiritual level with those who lean on their faith during difficult times. “It was incredibly humbling to see how much us being there meant to the Haitians. They are such a strong group of people who rely on their faith to get them through tough times. I was blown away by the experience.” Kamara said. 

Baylor’s success on the rugby pitch these past few seasons can in part be attributed to an evolution in team culture which centers around a borrowed phrase from the All Blacks: “Better people make better All Blacks.” Building unity around the idea of being a good person was of utmost importance to Director of Rugby and Head Coach Mason Hering when he joined the team in 2015. “Giving back to our community is an essential part of the fabric that makes up Baylor Rugby.” says Hering. “We are all involved with this sport that constantly teaches us great lessons about supporting each other both on and off the pitch. At Baylor it’s important for us to personify the ethos of rugby in all that we do.”
For Baylor, Spring Break is officially in the books with classes back on but that doesn’t mean the team breaks from supporting great causes. Last Saturday instead of suiting up in rugby kit the team laced up work boots instead and rolled up their sleeves to join Brothers in Arms a group of 300+ young men from across Baylor to volunteer at the World Hunger Relief Farm. Not only was it a great opportunity for the team to give back to its community an added bonus was the opportunity to meet NFL Hall of Famer and Baylor alum Mike Singletary who was in attendance. The “Minister of Defense” as he was known during his heyday with the Chicago Bears spoke with the group about what it means to be a man of service.
The Bears will now turn their focus to their final two matches, their final regular season match against Arkansas this Saturday, and the Red River conference championship on April 7th in Austin. The team is eager to get on the rugby pitch and build more confidence going into the tail end of the season.