Big Ten names 2015 All-Conference team

D1A Rugby: Big Ten names 2015 All-Conference team
Photo Credit: Greg Hildebrandt (left) & Clarkston Photography (right)

BOULDER, Colo. – Coaches from across the Big Ten Universities Conference have compiled a list of the league’s best performers from the fall season to be part of the 2015 All-Conference team. BTU Champions Indiana, runner-up Ohio State and 11th-ranked Wisconsin lead the way with five players representing each of their schools.

John Heaney (Illinois)
Ben Lehrman (Wisconsin)
Phil Spagnol (Purdue)
Travis Katona (Indiana)
Calvin Carlson (Wisconsin)
Hunter Crass (Wisconsin)
Chening Duker (Michigan)
Santino Cua (Ohio State)
Todd Else (Michigan State)
Jack Bengel (Ohio State)
Elias Zimmer (Michigan State)
Tyler Graham (Indiana)

Taylor Hurff (Ohio State)
Teddy Tereize (Indiana)
Matt Kasten (Michigan)
Bryce Campbell (Indiana)
Matoko Noudehou (Wisconsin)
Jake Hidalgo (Indiana)
JoJo Eramo (Ohio State)
Taylor Young (Iowa)
Tyler Crass (Wisconsin)
Ronan Forrestal (Ohio State)