Canterbury D1A Rugby Top 20: Week 19

D1A Rugby: Canterbury D1A Rugby Top 20: Week 19

LAFAYETTE, Colo. – The 19th rendition of the 2016-17 Canterbury D1A Rugby Top 20 didn’t include the massive shifts that recent weeks witnessed, but there are still a few changes to note.

Most noticeably, Life reclaims its place as the No. 2-ranked team after spending a few weeks at No. 3. The Running Eagles stayed perfect on the season after beating Davenport, 27-3. They leapfrog a Cal side that crossed the boarded to play University of British Columbia. A young Golden Bears roster was utilized and defeated handily by a Thunderbird program that competes in British Columbia’s premier senior club competition.

Even though Davenport couldn’t hang with Life, the Panthers move up by swapping places with San Diego State. Davenport’s 24-point loss was more competitive than the Aztecs 57-5 loss to top-ranked Saint Mary’s. As a result, the Panthers are ranked No. 10 this week, while San Diego State slides back to No. 11.

LSU improved its ranking for a second consecutive week. The Tigers clinched Red River’s South Division by beating Texas A&M, 33-10. LSU still has two games remaining before its April 1 conference championship fixture against North winners Baylor.

Arizona remains at No. 15 in this week’s Canterbury rankings, but Air Force dropped one spot to no. 19. The Wildcats and Zoomies battled in a closely contested fixture that Arizona ultimately won, 30-28.

Canterbury D1A Rugby Top 20 – Week 19:

  1) Saint Mary’s (1)
  2) Life (3)
  3) Cal (2)
  4) BYU (4)
  5) Penn State (5)
  6) Lindenwood (6)
  7) Army (7)
  8) Arkansas State (8)
  9) Indiana (9)
  10) Davenport (11)
  11) San Diego State (10)
  12) Kutztown (12)
  13) Colorado State (13)
  14) Utah (14)
  15) Arizona (15)
  16) LSU (17)
  17) Wisconsin (16)
  18) Clemson (19)
  19) Air Force (18)
  20) Cal Poly (NR)