Changes to the D1A Playoff Bracket

D1A Rugby: Changes to the D1A Playoff Bracket
Photo Credit: D1A Rugby

LAFAYETTE, CO.- Given the extra-ordinary events that transpired yesterday, D1A’s executive committee has reconfigured the semifinal match ups. This was done in order to save teams from financial and logistical issues that arose from the original matchups.

According to the original bracket Penn State and Lindenwood would both have to travel to Moraga, CA and Cal would have had to travel across the country to Marietta, GA.  The reconfiguration that has been made is to swap Penn State and Cal to opposite sides of the brackets. This will cut down on both teams travel by significant margins. With D1A’s reconfiguration now in place, the final four and will send Penn State to Life University, while Lindenwood will travel to the Bay area to face  Cal.

“It’s important that we do what’s best for the growth of the college game,” stated D1A Commissioner Kevin Battle.  “Three teams criss-crossing the country with five day’s notice is financially prohibitive.”   

Adding to the reasons behind the decision to reshuffle the playoff bracket was executive committee chairman, Paul Keeler. He made the call Sunday morning after consultation with the committee. “As we grow our brand and the game, it is important for us to maximize exposure and support the teams, to support the game.  Having teams compete regionally helps achieve that goal and helps manage costs to our members”, stated Keeler.

Life will face Penn State at 2:30PM EST in Marietta, Ga and Cal will face Lindenwood at 4:30pm EST in Moraga Ca.  Both matches will be aired live on CBS Sports Network.