College Premier Division: Week 4 Stats and Scores

D1A Rugby: College Premier Division: Week 4 Stats and Scores

The fourth week of CPD play was yet another thrilling display of collegiate rugby competition. There were a few dominant performances, a couple nail-biters, and a statement made in the “Barnburner”.

In the West, BYU completed their matches against Colorado schools with a dominant performance over CSU with hat tricks by Dylan Lubbe, Jared Whippy, and Ryan Roundy.

The Rugby East Division saw Penn State come away with another close win over Dartmouth while Army fought off a determined Kutztown team with a 33-26 victory.

In the “Barnburner” Arizona State came away with a 38-15 victory over Arizona. This intrastate match was controlled by ASU for the majority of play with the Sun Devils earning four tries and hitting three penalty kicks.

CPD Statistical Leaders through Week 4:

Tries: Ryan Roundy, BYU; 12 tries

Conversions: Shaun Davies, BYU; 29 conversions

Penalty Kicks: Michael Mills, Texas A&M; William Holder, Army; Samuel Anderson, Tennessee; 4 Penalty Kicks each

Drop Goals: Four players tied with one each.


Arizona State 38 Arizona 15
Tries: Zurek, Steinbeck, Utley, Sleem Lundahl, Getzler
Conversions: Sandstrom (3) Getzler
Penalty Kicks: Sandstrom (3), Johnston (Drop) Getzler
Bookings: none Getzler (yellow)
BYU 99 Colorado State 0
Tries: Roundy (4), Lubbe (3), Whippy (3), Bonham, Harrison, Davies (2), Nicholls none
Conversions: Davies (12) none
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: Vimahi (red) none
San Diego State 38 Cal Poly-SLO 22
Tries: Broussard, Reed, Purcell, Shea (2) Sharpe, Mcneal, Malcolm, Hamilton
Conversions: Kelm (2) Spiers
Penalty Kicks: Kelm (3) none
Bookings: none Mcneal, Varea
Cal 44 Central Washington 14
Tries: Anderson (2), Barrett, Braun (2), Tucker, Bosco Bates, Farrell
Conversions: Aronson (3) Hamilton (2)
Penalty Kicks: Aronson none
Bookings: none Hamilton
St. Mary’s 49 Claremont 0
Tries: McGowan, Heath, Napier, Brewer (2), Reavey, Holguin, Wallace (2) none
Conversions: Heath (2) none
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: none none
UCLA 14 UC Davis 5
Tries: Parr, Basara Chalian
Conversions: Pritchard (2) none
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: none none
Arkansas State 41 Oklahoma 3
Tries: Abe, Swanepoel, Gragg, Mizell, Sullivan (2), Bates none
Conversions: Sullivan (3) none
Penalty Kicks: none Givens
Bookings: J. Mizell, Bates (yellows) Wilkinson (yellow)
Tennessee 28 Texas A&M 25
Tries: Evans, Anderson, Goff Leland, Telaneus, Bertrand, Mills
Conversions: Anderson (2) Mills
Penalty Kicks: Anderson (3) Mills
Bookings: none none
Life 71 LSU 8
Tries: Dunn, Bester, Hollis (2), Cowley, Dolan (2), Grossheider, Lambert (3) Savage
Conversions: Cowley (8) none
Penalty Kicks: none Alongi
Bookings: none none
Navy 46 Rutgers 5
Tries: Ousley, Byrne (2), Scovill, Hancock, Feller, Varvoutis Rubenstein
Conversions: Arnsberfer, Rohrs (3) none
Penalty Kicks: Rohrs none
Bookings: none none
Penn State 22 Dartmouth 19
Tries: DeFalco, Karas (2) Grant (2), Downer
Conversions: Baker (2) Fish (2)
Penalty Kicks: Baker none
Bookings: none Brakeley
Army 33 Kutztown 27
Tries: Holder, Palmer, Leatigaga, Geib Abt, Acker, Brooks
Conversions: Holder (2) Acker (3)
Penalty Kicks: Holder (3) Acker (2)
Bookings: Ryan none