College Premier Division: Week 6 Scores and Stats

D1A Rugby: College Premier Division: Week 6 Scores and Stats

The results from Week 6 play led to no changes at the top of the Division standings; Cal, BYU, Arkansas State, Army and Navy all remained undefeated in CPD play, although Navy had quite the test from a very good Kutztown team.

In Mid-South play, LSU received their first CPD victory behind a hat-trick by Jarek Savage, while Life bounced back from a tough defeat to Arkansas State last week with a big win over Notre Dame.

In the Rugby East Division, Ohio State obtained every one of their 19 points in a loss to Penn State through the grit of Gareth Willatt, while Army witnessed yet another outstanding performance from Ben Leatigaga who also had a hat-trick.

In the “Barnburner” Cal easily defeated St. Mary’s 60-34. Three Golden Bears tallied a pair of tries as Cal clinched the Pacific Conference title on Sunday in Moraga.

CPD Statistical Leaders through Week 6:

Tries: Ryan Roundy, BYU; 17 tries

Conversions: Shaun Davies, BYU; 41 conversions

Penalty Kicks: William Holder, Army; 8 Penalty Kicks

Drop Goals: Four players tied with one each.


Arizona State 27 Wyoming 0
Tries: Sandstrom (2), Hughes, Johnston none
Conversions: Bulkley (2) none
Penalty Kicks: Bulkley none
Bookings: none none
Utah 50 Colorado 22
Tries: Kimball, Fivas, Loser (2), T.Lauti, S. Lauti Curtis, Tuineau Lahman, Brennan, Barry (2)
Conversions: S. Lauti (5) Bricca
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: Lomu, Peterson (yellows) none
BYU 70 Arizona 12
Tries: Lubbe, Webber, Roundy (2), Whippy, Leaaetoa (3), Tilialo, Vimahi (2), Wiscombe none
Conversions: Davies (4), Webber none
Penalty Kicks: none Getzler (4)
Bookings: none none
Air Force 46 Colorado State 10
Tries: Schuetze, Gallagher (2), Ruize, Ollis, Warfield, Kinderwater Vieira
Conversions: Cleveland (4) Walker
Penalty Kicks: Cleveland Walker
Bookings: Gallagher Karas
San Diego State 45 UC Davis 19
Tries: Kelm (2), Colla, Freeman, Shea (2), Hicks Silva, Harrison, Shively
Conversions: Kelm (5) Harrison (2)
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: Maypole (yellow) none
UCLA 24 Claremont 10
Tries: Martini (2), Bragg, McKillen, Bellinger, Bennett
Conversions: Pritchard (2) none
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: Murphy (yellow) none
Cal 60 St. Mary’s 34
Tries: D. Barrett (2), Bailes, Kelly, Scully (2), Muhn (2), Rooke Cook, Wallace, Heath, Brophy, Brewer
Conversions: Bailes (6) Brewer (2), Heath
Penalty Kicks: Bailes Heath
Bookings: none none
Life 56 Notre Dame 3
Tries: Macdonald, Lambert, Grossheider, Dolan (2), Hollis, Cowley (2) none
Conversions: Cowley (5) none
Penalty Kicks: Cowley (2) Peterson
Bookings: none none
LSU 39 Oklahoma 5
Tries: Ammerman, Savage (3), Blamemore, Wisecarver Wilkinson
Conversions: Alongi (3) none
Penalty Kicks: Alongi none
Bookings: none Immel, Bachman (yellows)
Arkansas St. 70 Tennessee 23
Tries: Swanepoel (2), Potgieter (2), Bates (2), Paterson, Gericke (2) Wilson, Wheeler
Conversions: Sullivan (8) Wood (2)
Penalty Kicks: Sullivan (3) Wood (3)
Bookings: none none
Navy 24 Kutztown 20
Tries: Wilson, Burge, Szoch, Bova Frederick, Jessell, Cress
Conversions: Arnsberger (2) Acker
Penalty Kicks: none Acker
Bookings: Varvoutis (yellow) Intrieri (yellow)
Army 40 Delaware 13
Tries: Leatigaga (3), Holder, Moten, Hughes, Sanchez
Conversions: Holder (3) none
Penalty Kicks: Palmer, Holder (2) Kowalski
Bookings: Warner (yellow) none
Penn State 22 Ohio State 17
Tries: Metcalf, Karas, Hellmann Willatt (2)
Conversions: Baker (2) Willatt (2)
Penalty Kicks: Baker Willatt
Bookings: none none
Dartmouth 34 Rutgers 31
Tries: Hogg, Lehmann, Jarvis, Brakeley, Downer Rubenstein, Roblin, Murray, Presby, Taylor
Conversions: Fish (3) Beal (3)
Penalty Kicks: Fish Willatt
Bookings: Fish (yellow) none

CPD Week 7 Schedule (all times local to site)

Rugby East

Army at Ohio State (1 pm)
Navy at Dartmouth (1 pm)
Rutgers at Penn State (1 pm)
Delaware at Kutztown (1:30 pm)
LSU at Tennessee (1 pm)
Notre Dame at Arkansas State (1 pm)
Colorado State at Arizona (noon)
Air Force at Utah (1 pm)
Colorado at Wyoming (1 pm)