College Premier Division – Week 8 Scores and Stats

D1A Rugby: College Premier Division – Week 8 Scores and Stats

College Premier Division – Week 8 Scores and Stats

With eight weeks in the books, the CPD regular season is coming to an exciting finish.

In Pacific play, Cal wrapped up their regular season with a convincing victory over Cal Poly while Central Washington bounced back from a tough loss last week to St. Mary’s with a decisive win over UCLA.

In the Rugby East Division, Rutgers received their first points in CPD play with a 15-13 victory over Kutztown while Army and Navy remained undefeated, thus setting the stage for the final week’s Barnburner.

In the Barnburner for this past weekend, Air Force traveled to Tempe, Arizona to take on the Arizona State Sun Devils in a match that proved worthy of the Barnburner tag. Travis Hughes, Arizona State’s season-long leader, scored three tries to record his second hat-trick of the season while Carson Cleveland of Air Force recorded 16 points of his own in a valiant effort that fell just short; ASU won 23-21.

CPD Statistical Leaders for Week 8:

Tries: Ben Leatigaga, Army; Don Pati, Utah; 5 tries each

Conversions: Sione Lauti, Utah; 11 conversions

Penalty Kicks: Tyler Harrison, UC Davis; Sean Peterson, Notre Dame; 2 Penalty Kicks each

Total Points: Sione Lauti, Utah; 35 points


Utah 74 Colorado State 19
Tries: Loser (2), Metcalf, Pati (5), Palamo, Lauti, Jenkins Slinkard, Karas, Vieira
Conversions: Lauti (8) Walker (2)
Penalty Kicks: Lauti none
Bookings: none none
Arizona 36 Colorado 26
Tries: Mayer, Samons, Tiberio, Arnold, Naber Brennan, Bei (2), Lahman
Conversions: Getzler (4) Kilfoyle (3)
Penalty Kicks: Getzler none
Bookings: Tiberio, Getzler (yellows); Dvorak (Red) none
Arizona State 23 Air Force 21
Tries: Sandstrom, Hughes (3) Cleveland (2), Griffin II
Conversions: none Cleveland (3)
Penalty Kicks: Bulkley none
Bookings: Bulkley (yellow) none
Utah 97 Wyoming 0
Tries: Peterson, Trowbridge, Pati (2), Hafoka, Tuineau (2), Lomu, S. Lauti (3), T. Lauti, Loser, Miller, Burd none
Conversions: S. Lauti (11) none
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: none Brennaman, Davidson
CWU 55 UCLA 29
Tries: Stanfill (2), Farrell (2), Gordon, Harb (2), Nichols, Harriage Parr, Martini, Bailey, May, Paxton
Conversions: Hamilton (3), Lee (2) Pritchard (2)
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: none none
Cal 79 Cal Poly 26
Tries: Anderson, Braun, Coleman, McTurk (3), Ring, Westerman, Wrobel, Lombardo, Hodson (2), Gallinger McNeal, Gersh, Nasser, Ferri
Conversions: Gallinger (6), Harrington Ferri (3)
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: none none
UC Davis 20 Claremont 5
Tries: Silva, Harrison Astor
Conversions: Harrison (2) none
Penalty Kicks: Harrison (2) none
Bookings: none Singh (yellow)

Notre Dame 20 Oklahoma 0
Tries: O’Connor, Herlihy none
Conversions: Peterson (2) none
Penalty Kicks: Peterson (2) none
Bookings: none Immel (yellow)
Arkansas St. 52 Texas A&M 17
Tries: Z. Mizell, Bates, Oliver, Sullivan (2), Gragg, Swanepoel, Gessner, Guillen
Conversions: Sullivan (7) Mills (2)
Penalty Kicks: Sullivan Mills
Bookings: none none

Rutgers 15 Kutztown 13
Tries: Rubenstein, Malanka Jessell
Conversions: Beal Acker
Penalty Kicks: Beal Acker (2)
Bookings: none Lawrenson (yellow ’26, Red ’39); Tracey (yellow)
Navy 32 Delaware 19
Tries: Byrne, Siefring (2), Retter, Bova, Varvoutis Kowalski, Vannoy, Tapp
Conversions: Arnsberger Kowalski (2)
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: none none
Dartmouth 33 Ohio State 5
Tries: Jarvis (2), Fish, Scott, Burbank Walsh
Conversions: Fish (4) none
Penalty Kicks: none none
Bookings: none Cochran (yellow)
Army 50 Penn State 26
Tries: Leatigaga (5), Holder, Moten DeFalco (2), Datz, Saint
Conversions: Holder (6) Baker (3)
Penalty Kicks: Holder none
Bookings: Moten (yellow) none

CPD Week 9 Schedule (all times local to site)

Rugby East
Rutgers at Ohio State (noon)
Delaware at Penn State (1 pm)
Kutztown at Dartmouth (1 pm)
Navy at Army (5 pm)

Life at Oklahoma (1 pm)

LSU at Texas A&M (2 pm)

Tennessee at Notre Dame (1 pm)

Arizona State at BYU (1 pm)
Colorado State at Wyoming (1 pm)
Arizona at Air Force (4pm)
Cal Poly at Claremont (1 pm)
San Diego State at Central Washington (1 pm)
UCLA at St. Mary’s (1 pm)