D1A Player of the Week – Harley Davidson

D1A Rugby: D1A Player of the Week – Harley Davidson

BOULDER, Colo. – The ACRC Bowl match against Army allowed Life to bring its top side together for a challenging test before the team splits for finals and the holiday season. The Running Eagles answered the challenge by outrunning the Brothers 53-19. While Life put together an entire team performance, outside center Harley Davidson was especially impressive, producing lighting quick line breaks throughout the evening and scoring two tries.

Just a sophomore, Davidson found success playing wing last season, but began to thrive after moving over to center. His stellar play on the pitch hasn’t been Davidson’s only contribution earning high praise.

“Harley is the epitome of a student-athlete,” boasted former Head Coach and current Life Athletic Director Dan Payne. “The same dedication you see him display on the field mirrors his dedication to the program as a whole – his academics, teammates, everything.”

“His work ethic and commitment will be the driving force behind him, undoubtedly, earning higher honors in years to come.”

Although the match against Army marked just the beginning of the season for Life’s undergrad squad, it is not surprising Davidson excelled given that he continuously earned the number thirteen jersey over the fall for Life’s Elite Training Group playing matches against quality senior club sides.

Davidson, a Boise, Idaho native, is majoring in Exercise Science.