D1A Playoffs if They Started Today

D1A Rugby: D1A Playoffs if They Started Today
LAFAYETTE, CO- As we step closer to the end of regular season play and get into the playoff push, take a look at how the playoffs would look if they were played today. This year with the return of teams such as Cal and BYU to the D1A National Championships and the addition of several new programs, D1A has given the playoffs a new look.

In the past there had only been twelve teams that could qualify for the playoffs, this year there are now sixteen spots up for grabs in the playoffs. This changes the structure is several ways. The first is that the top four seeds no longer receive first round byes, every team plays in the round of 16.

The other major way that the growth has impacted the playoffs is through seedings. The top 8 seeds are conference champions, with the Liberty conference being the only one without an automatic bid. The ranking of the 8 automatic qualifiers is then based off the rankings. Which currently means that Saint Mary’s will be the 1 seed in the playoffs while the winner of the Red River conference will be the 8th seed. From that the remaining eight spots will be determined by the D1A Rankings. This means that 5th ranked Lindenwood will be the 9th seed and 14th ranked Grand Canyon will be the 16th seed.

Winning your conference has been given significant weight this year, as it guarantees you home field advantage for at least one round, which in a game such as Colorado State playing Navy could make a massive difference.

Here are the sixteen teams, and their seedings, that would be in the playoffs if they started today:

1) Saint Mary’s
2) Life
3) Cal
4) BYU
5) Indiana
6) Penn State
7) Colorado State
8) Red River Winner
9) Lindenwood
10) Navy
11) Army
12) Arizona
13) Arkansas State
14) Notre Dame College
15) Central Washington
16) Grand Canyon

Note: The competition committee reserves the right to change the seedings of the qualified teams.