Fifteen D1A players named to Academic Honor Roll

D1A Rugby: Fifteen D1A players named to Academic Honor Roll

BOULDER, Colo. – USA Rugby announced Tuesday the list of more than 200 collegiate rugby players who have been named to the 2014-15 Academic Honor Roll, which includes 15 players from D1A Rugby.

The criteria to be named to the Academic Honor Roll list includes achievement both on and off of the pitch, as players must be a starter on the team’s ‘A-side,’ while also earning a minimum of a 3.50 cumulative grade point average.

“We’re not only proud of the 15 D1A student-athletes that displayed the necessary commitment in the classroom to earn a place on the Academic Honor Roll, but delighted to see the total number of honorees reach 200-plus,” exclaimed D1A Commissioner Kevin Battle. “We look forward to seeing these numbers grow in the coming years.”

This season, the 15 honorees from D1A Rugby represent six different universities. All six of the teams have multiple players on the Academic Honor Roll, with Michigan State leading from the front with four representatives.

Alex Alba – Utah

Ryan Calhoun – Michigan State

David Evans – West Point

Nicholas Fehrman – Michigan

William Gaul – Texas

Tyler Glasz – West Point

Jacob Haviland – Michigan State

Nicholas LaColla – St. Bonaventure

Benjamin Mills – Utah**

Logan Pearce – West Point**

Anthony Shiguango – Michigan State

John Sullivan – St. Bonaventure

Drew Vecchio – Michigan

Joseph Whalen – Michigan State

Carson Youman – Texas

** – Earned a grade point average of 3.90 or higher

“At a smaller school like St. Bonaventure, reputation means a lot,” said Bonnies’ coach Clarence Picard. “So, we emphasize the importance of being a good representative of our program in all areas of life – academics being on the top of that list. It takes a huge amount of effort to compete at a high level athletically while maintain outstanding grades.”

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