Hoosiers upset Badgers

D1A Rugby: Hoosiers upset Badgers

Wisconsin Badgers Face Tough Loss to Indiana University in Big Ten Match of the Week

By Danielle Siegler


Saturday’s contest between Indiana University and University of Wisconsin was a game of possession and attacking pressure. With a final score of 24-6, Indiana was forceful in their progressions up the field and resilient in their endeavor to protect the ball. “Indiana maintained possession for much of the game, which really wore us down. We made a lot of tackles, but every tackle kept Indiana moving forward and us on our heels” said Adam Kuen, coach for the Badgers. Going into the match, Indiana knew one-on-one tackles had to be made, “with that in mind… we were able to set a good platform for the forwards and backs to run plays off of,” says IU Assistant Coach Sam Enari. With this strong defensive pressure Indiana was able to force Badger mistakes, giving IU possession throughout most of the match.


Indiana flanker Sam Zivot excelled on the pitch with aggressive defense and quick response to support the brake downs. Zivot was supported by wing Thomas Dehnke who was well positioned to intercept the ball for a crucial try. This duo set the standard this Saturday, moving IU one step forward to their goal of championing the Big Ten Conference. Wisconsin’s stand out this weekend was flyhalf Jordan Heginbottom who brought his team up through a game that required mental fitness and endurance.


“The little bit of ball we got was spoiled by handling errors and a lot of defensive pressure from Indiana,” said coach Kuen. Wisconsin will have a chance to rest after three physical weekends in a row, hopefully to turn around results in their match against Illinois on October 19th