Top 20 Rankings – Week 3

D1A Rugby: Top 20 Rankings – Week 3

This upcoming week’s rankings have been released with two noticeable matchups that had consequential ripple effects throughout the Top 20.

The biggest game to note was the self-named “Battle of the Goldens”, with Kutztown’s enormous victory over Army, which had catapulted the Golden Bears from #10 to now, #7. Unfortunately for the Golden Knights their ranking dropped two spots to now #9. An interesting positive boost in the rankings were Notre Dame College, who although lost to Penn State this past weekend, were leading majority of the game until the Nittany Lions came away with it at the end. Notre Dame College, much like St. Bonaventure last week, have impressed the judges and earned rightful respect in their loss to a powerhouse team, that should not be reckoned with moving forward. Speaking of St. Bonaventure, this top side has risen through the ranks again spiking to the #13 spot, previously #15.

All the teams who have dropped in rankings this week, will not unfortunately begin their season until the spring, noting: UCLA, Grand Canyon, & Davenport. These will most likely offset come Spring season when the East, Liberty, Independent, Big Ten, & Rocky Mountain conferences are no longer competitively playing. Finally, regarding The Bubble teams, there was no needed shift due to #23 Indiana beating #25 Notre Dame in a performance that did not swing either team in any direction. The other notable drop in the polls was Iona after a big defeat to the ever-powerful Navy side. Although Iona only dropped two spots, Navy remains the top active team in the nation at the #5 ranking.

D1A Week 3 Review will post by: September 20th