The Playoff Picture Looks Vastly Different to What it Did A Week Ago

D1A Rugby: The Playoff Picture Looks Vastly Different to What it Did A Week Ago

LAFAYETTE, CO. – As a result in the monumental shifts that took place in the rankings, the playoff picture has shifted significantly from where it stood last week. Of the eight matchups in the first round of the playoffs only two remained the same, as it currently stands the winner of the Red River Conference (#8 seed) will still face Lindenwood (#9 seed), and Colorado State (#7 seed) hosting Navy (#10 seed).

The Top 8 seeds, which are handed out to the winner of each conference, except Liberty, remain unchanged. The Mid-South and the Red River are the only two conferences that have not determined their winner yet. Life, is currently in an almost insurmountable position, and play Lindenwood this weekend. If Life wins this match they will have secured the title, if Lindenwood wins it could cause a massive shake up to the bracket. Outside of the Lindenwood upsetting Life the only other way that the top 8 seedings will change, is if one of the top teams drops below another in the D1A Rankings.

The bottom 8 seeds are where this week has changed massively. San Diego State has moved from being the first team out of the tournament to now being the last team in the tournament. If the Playoffs started today, they would face California Conference rival, Saint Mary’s.  Grand Canyon, who had a successful tour of California last weekend, have now moved from being the 16th seed to being the 14th seed. As it currently stands they will face Cal.

With teams moving up that means that some have to move down. This week Notre Dame College was bumped down a spot to the 15th seed and now look as if they will face Life in the first round of the playoffs. They have a chance to improve upon their seeding this weekend when they go up against Indiana. A win here could launch them into the Top 10, and cause an interesting some further chaos to the bracket. Arkansas State was also bumped down this weekend, and as a result they are now the 13th seed in the playoffs.

A potential Rugby East rematch has been disrupted by Arizona moving up in the rankings, and therefore bumping up their seeding. Hypothetically they would be facing Penn State in the first round, while Army would be making a trip to the Hoosier State to take on Indiana.

You can buy your tickets to the D1A National Championship Series here: 

National Championship, May 5th, Santa Clara

Semi-Final, April 28th, Life University

Semi-Final, April 28th, Saint Mary’s College

Note: These matchups are hypothetical, and are not final. The official fixtures will be released after the conclusion of the D1A regular season on April 7th.