Rough Welcome to Mid-South for Davenport

D1A Rugby: Rough Welcome to Mid-South for Davenport

MARIETTA, Ga. — In their first run with the big dogs in D1A, Davenport didn’t fare well on the score sheet as Life blanked them 53-0, but the D1A newcomers showed signs of progress during their first 80 minutes in the elite men’s rugby competition in the country.

Life’s ability to hit from deep and their ability to dictate the pace of the game were two tough realities to grasp for Davenport who have rarely been on the back foot since they started their program in 2009. Life’s Director of Rugby, Dan Payne, credited Davenport for adapting as the game went on and for the tenacity of their players.

This weekend, Life takes on Arkansas State in Jonesboro, Ark., in Mid-South play, but every college rugby fan knows that when these two play it’s about more than rankings. These two college heavyweights compete in every way two programs can compete. They compete for recruits, for bragging rights, validation, the list goes on. But most importantly, they play excellent and exhilarating rugby. Bottom line: Expect fireworks this weekend.