Spring Women’s D2 College Conferences vote to partner with CRAA and Women’s Collegiate D1

D1A Rugby: Spring Women’s D2 College Conferences vote to partner with CRAA and Women’s Collegiate D1
Photo Credit: CRAA

After discussion and collaboration between the D2 conferences who participate in spring playoffs, the following D2 Conferences have voted to move forward as a single unit to partner with the College Rugby Association of America (CRAA) and Women’s Collegiate D1 Division.

Spring D2 Conferences

Capital Conference (12): American University, George Washington University, George Mason University, Georgetown University, University of Mary Washington, University of Maryland, Norther Virginia Community College, Old Dominion University, Towson University, University of Maryland Baltimore County, Virginia Commonwealth University, College of William & Mary.

Carolinas Conference (6): Appalachian State, Coastal Carolinas University, College of Charleston, UNC Charlotte, UNC Wilmington, Western Carolina University.

Florida (4): Florida International University, Florida Atlantic University, Florida Gulf Coast University, University of Miami
SIRC (up to 9): (Teams TBA)
Pacific Desert (7): Claremont Colleges, Long Beach State University, Mira Costa College, Occidental College, San Diego State University, UC Irvine, UC Riverside.

Points of Resolution

  • The Women’s Collegiate D2 Conferences who participate in a spring 15s championship season will move forward together as a group to create the Women’s Collegiate D2 Division – Spring.
  • The conferences and teams of the Women’s Collegiate D2 Division – Spring will remain members of USA Rugby.
  • The Women’s Collegiate D2 Division – Spring will seek to strategically partner with CRAA for additional services that will benefit the division.
  • The Women’s Collegiate D2 Division – Spring will partner with Women’s Collegiate D1 Division for the development and growth of the Women’s game.

Quotes from key participants and partners:

“I think it was a good decision for the Division II Spring Conferences to join CRAA as a group. By joining Division I in partnering with CRAA, we should be able to provide better services at a reduced cost.  I’m looking forward to working within the CRAA management structure to develop a strong organization that will benefit all the teams and players in the member conferences.”- Bill Lucas, Capital Conference Commissioner

“CRAA looks forward to working with D2 Women in their efforts to improve the student athlete experience through sharing our best practices, standards, and creating better synergies within our divisions.  The growth of the women’s game is vital to the development of our sporting culture.”
– Paul Keeler, CRAA President

“From the start of their discussions, the women’s D2 spring conferences were resolute in their desire to stay together as a group, and in finding an organization to help support and achieve that goal. We’re entering a new phase of development in the college game and partnerships like this are going to drive future success.”
– Johnathan Atkeison, USA Rugby Scholastic Manager

“It was very important for the spring Division 2 teams to make this move together.  We gain a lot of strength by continuing to operate as a group and I believe the division has set itself on a very successful path by opting to partner with D1 and CRAA.”

“This decision has also allowed us to remain members of USA Rugby, which gives additional opportunities for collaboration.  We have had preliminary conversations with ACRA about continued synergies between D1 Women’s fall championships and ACRA D2 fall championships, and I am excited for the additional possibilities this relationship could bring to the D2 spring division.”- Emily Ogata, Pacific Desert RC Competitions Director