Top 20 Rankings- Week 3 Spring

D1A Rugby: Top 20 Rankings- Week 3 Spring
Photo Credit: Jeff Dalton

In a weekend that sent shockwaves around the D1A competition, the first year D1A program, Grand Canyon shrugged off a heavy defeat to Arizona last weekend to come back and stun San Diego State. It was a closely fought contest with the lopes coming back from an 18-10 deficit with only 20 minutes to play, squeaking out a 22-18 victory.

Going into the weekend San Diego had been ranked #10 in the country while Grand Canyon had been ignored by the voters, that wasn’t going to last.

Elsewhere throughout D1A, three of the top four teams in the country were out in action.  Life put Saint Mary’s on notice by demolishing LSU 103-0. Saint Mary’s response, a 74-7 trouncing of UC Santa Barbara. Cal was convincing as always in their lop-sided win over Cal Poly, walking away 81-6 victors.

Baylor made a claim at breaking through into the Top 20, by handling the Texas Tech Red Raiders with relative ease, beating them 59-17. It wasn’t enough to see the Bears break into the rankings,  but if they are able to keep up this impressive run of form there could be a number appearing next to their name in the near future. 

Complete Rankings:
1. St. Mary’s (1)
2. Life (2)
3. BYU (3)
4. Cal (4)
5. Lindenwood (5)
6. Indiana (6)
7. Arkansas State (7)
8. Navy (8)
9. Penn State (9)
10. Army (11)
11. Utah (12)
12. Arizona (13)
13. Notre Dame College (14)
14. San Diego State (10)
15. Colorado State (15)
16. Ohio State (16)
17. Central Washington (18)
18. Kutztown (17)
19. Grand Canyon (Unranked)
20. Wisconsin (19)