University of North Texas to Join D1A Ranks Next Season

D1A Rugby: University of North Texas to Join D1A Ranks Next Season
Photo Credit: University of North Texas Facebook Page
Lafayette, CO. – The Red River Rugby Collegiate Conference (RRRCC) announced the addition of the University of North Texas (UNT) for the 2018-2019 season.

UNT will make their debut this April, when they head to the RRRCC Championship 15s series on April 7th.

It is clear that Red River are excited about their newest addition and the competitiveness that they’ll bring to the conference, as they continue to look to expand. Red River Commissioner TeShay Flowers explained, “North Texas is an accomplished and talented team…that will help us boost our vision of growing the game.”

UNT, has been a dominating force over the last five years in the D1AA ranks, having made it to 7s nationals each year from 2013-2016, and for 15s in 2016. This year has been no different for them  as they have been able to ascend to the top of the Lone Star conference in convincing style.

North Texas has shown a really strong pedigree in both 15s and 7s, qualifying for national tournaments each of the last four years,” Interim Red River Commissioner Phil Terrigno said. “The Mean Green are a strong rugby brand that has been progressive in marketing their team. It definitely adds a massive push to our competitiveness and I expect that they will push for the top of the North Division immediately, given strong results against Red River teams in recent years.”

UNT’s head coach, Michael Engelbrecht, an assistant coach to the U20 national team and a UNT alum added, “This is a culmination of hard work both on and off the field…our plan is to represent the conference, the University of North Texas and the great game of rugby to the highest of our abilities of all times.”

The Red River Conference season continues this weekend, as Arkansas hosts Oklahoma, and LSU hosting Houston.