Up and Down

D1A Rugby: Up and Down

BOULDER, Colo. – The top three teams held steady, but Kutztown came storming into the top five after an impressive win against Davenport on Saturday.

Life beat Arkansas State on the weekend, but ASU was able to get a bonus point loss and a four try bonus point to win the conference and hold their position at #1.

Wisconsin shot up in the rankings after a decisive second half against Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship, winning 30-10.

Colorado State also made a statement win this weekend over rivals CU to win the West and secure the #1 playoff seed out of the conference, moving them from #17 to #12 in the rankings.

Texas A&M opted not to challenge Mid-South #2 in the play-in, so the Buffs and Badgers are the only two teams in D1A play this weekend.


2 Life
3 St. Mary's
4 Army
5 Kutztown(6)
6 Texas A&M (5)
7 Davenport
8 Cal Poly (9)
9 Penn State (8)
10 San Diego State
11 Wisconsin (13)
12 Colorado State (17)
13 Texas (12)
14 Texas Tech
15 Ohio State
16 Colorado (15)
17 Illinois (16)
18 Indiana
19 Oklahoma
20 Wyoming