USA Rugby launches D1A Rugby TV

D1A Rugby: USA Rugby launches D1A Rugby TV

BOULDER, Colo. – D1A Rugby, in conjunction with USA Rugby, is proud to announce the launch of its new video-sharing platform – is integrated with YouTube to automatically pull videos from teams’ YouTube channels. The new website will house matches from all D1A teams, creating additional exposure for the teams, while also making matches easily accessible to watch for all fans. Filming and production standards will be instituted to make sure all videos are suited to the expectations of our fans.

“Making college rugby matches accessible to fans across the country has been a major goal of ours,” said D1A Commissioner Kevin Battle. “D1A Rugby TV is a step in the right direction. Our ultimate goal is to get college rugby on live network television, and we are confident that we will feature these student-athletes on the national platform they deserve in the near future.”

D1A teams are required to upload videos the same day they have completed a match. So, be sure to visit each week to see your favorite D1A teams in action.