Week 13 Rankings: A Change in Process

D1A Rugby: Week 13 Rankings: A Change in Process
Photo Credit: D1A Rugby

This week’s rankings represent a shift in voting process. The rankings have moved from being compiled by conference commissioners and media members to exclusively members of the dedicated rugby media. The change was made by the D1A Executive Committee to represent more traditional college athletics rankings, i.e. Associated Press Polls and entrust the weekly rankings with influencers who are broadly involved with the full D1A landscape. 

“In review of our rankings system, we are always looking to improve on what we do and how we do it.” D1A Commissioner Kevin Battle said. “Switching to a writers’ poll should helps with greater impartiality and more consistency in our voting process.”

Looking at the first writers’ poll, there has been significant movement around the rankings. Army moves back into the Top Four, after being bumped down last week to 5th spot and Saint Mary’s now returns to 5th. Outside of that, there has been no movement in the Top 10. The largest leap has come from St. Bonaventure who, after an impressive performance over Iona, climb all the way from 18th to 12th. Iona has subsequently moved down to 13th. Central Washington and Notre Dame College were also bumped down a spot to 14th and 15th respectively. Wisconsin holds firm in 16th but Grand Canyon comes down to 17th pushing Davenport to 18th. Ohio State remains firmly in the 19th spot, but the University of Notre Dame, make their first appearance in the Top 20 all season. Marking the first time they have been ranked in the D1A polls