Week 5 Rankings

D1A Rugby: Week 5 Rankings
Photo Credit: Travis Prior

Week 5 of Spring D1A play did not, necessarily, bring about any upsets, however it did still see some teams slip and fall in the rankings.

The biggest fall in the standings were Arkansas State, who slipped two places down to 9th, after a loss to #2 Life University. As a result of their fall Navy is now ranked 7th in the country and Penn State is sitting at 8th.

The remainder of the changes were teams swapping. Arizona, after an impressive display against UCLA moved up to the 11th spot in the ladder, while Utah was relegated into taking over the occupancy of the 12th spot.

Grand Canyon has continued their impressive foray into the D1A world as they were able to put away Arizona State with ease and switch places with Kutztown. A result which moved them from 19th into 18th.  

The other big mover this weekend was UC Davis who, like Grand Canyon, are enjoying their first taste of the D1A experience this season. They have been able to compile an impressive start to their season compiling some impressive performances in their preseason matches, which when parlayed with their 2-0 start to the California Conference season, held them in good standing with the voters.  This weekend will prove to be a massive test for the Aggies as they take on #14 San Diego State, who after a string of disappointing performances will be looking to right the ship and land a statement win this weekend.


The Full Rankings are as follows:

  1. Saint Mary’s (1)
  2. Life (2)
  3. BYU (3)
  4. Cal (4)
  5. Lindenwood (5)
  6. Indiana (6)
  7. Navy (8)
  8. Penn State (9)
  9. Arkansas State (7)
  10. Army (10)
  11. Arizona (11)
  12. Utah (12)
  13. Notre Dame College (13)
  14. San Diego State (14)
  15. Colorado State (15)
  16. Ohio State (16)
  17. Central Washington (17)
  18. Grand Canyon (19)
  19. Kutztown (18)
  20. UC Davis (Unranked)